Saturday, February 24, 2007

K10D Adobe ACR 3.7 Calibration

I calibrated ACR 3.7 to my K10D using the ACR Calibrator script (you need to edit the script so then it works with ACR 3.7).

Here are the values:

Shadow Tint-3
Red Hue-14
Red Saturation+22
Green Hue-6
Green Saturation+6
Blue Hue+13
Blue Saturation-5

I wouldn't recommend to use these values "as is" but as starting point if you can't do your own calibration (you need the Calibrator script and a GretagMacBeth Color Checker).


KenTam said...

I want to do this for long time, but I current based in china and can't find the checker, do you think you can make a DS version too? many thanks.

Nick said...

The calibration of my *ist DS is:

Shadow tint: +2
Red hue: -23
Red saturation: +27
Green hue: -2
Green saturation: +27
Blue hue: +7
Blue saturation: -1

Calibration taken at solar noon, cloudless sky, with ColorChecker propped up on ashphalt.

Interesting that the numbers are in the same ballpark as your K10D calibration.

Anonymous said...

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Calibration said...

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