Monday, May 07, 2007

DA 10-17mm Fisheye: Another great lens!

I am having a blast with this fun lens. It's way more versatile that I was expecting. Indeed, a fish eye ZOOM makes lots of sense. Yes, it shows some CA and Purple Fringing, but nothing that can't be fixed in post processing.

Pentax K10D with Pentax DA 10-17mm Fish-eye. Raw processed with Adobe ACR.

Very good at close-up too...


OK-1K said...

Wow, I love that clown photo, what a great capture of that moment.

Anonymous said...

If the last one is not corrected, it seems that ordinary people photos can also be taken with the fisheye, as long as not done towards the wide end. Of cause it will still be a serious WA lens, but the distortion is not extreme.

This I first noticed with the excellent pictures taken by Mark Dimo. Before that, I didn’t think that a fish eye lens could really be used for people pictures.