Sunday, September 10, 2006

Pentax K100D First Impressions

Just received my K100D kit yesterday. First impressions are very positive. I love the size of the camera, the effectiveness of the SR feature, and the overall build quality. AF is way better that what I was expecting after reading all these posts about slow and hunting AF. It seems to be reasonably fast and very accurate. I didn't have any issue focusing with low light and/or low contrast subject. In any case, it is way better than the Olympus E-1 and marginally slower than the Nikon D200. I didn't test the AF-C mode, though. I don't regret buying the kit lens (18-55mm DA) as it appears to be very well put together. Close focusing is great. The lens is sharp and auto-focus is fast and accurate. SR is just incredible: I managed to get sharp shots at 1/2s (at 18mm)! It does work, indeed. Little concerns: Weakness of the anti-aliasing filter. Images out of the camera are very sharp but moiré and artifacts are sometimes visible. Keeping the contrast and saturation at resonable levels helps a lot, though. Also, hue and contrast are not very accurate on the (very sharp) LCD.

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Lilianna said...

I came you across your Blog while researching the K100D and the various Pentax lenses.
Your work is lovely and was instrumental in my decision to get the K100D with the kit lens. I have not regretted it at all. Its the first digital camera that I have really enjoyed using as much a my Hexar AF or my Dad's old Spotmatic.
I am still learning in the 'digital darkroom' and having a blast doing so!