Sunday, September 10, 2006

Pentax K100D Second Day

Second day with the K100D and a lot of fun with this cute little camera ;-) I went to Pawnee Buttes, CO for a quick hike. Size and weight of the camera with kit lens is a blessing when hiking. The Weather was fantastic (as usual) and the sky deep blue... which produces horrible noise when the raw image (converted with Pentax Photo Laboratory to DNG) is processed with Adobe ACR with the default calibration. Once calibrated, sky is silky smooth. Another bad thing with the current version of Adobe ACR (and default calibration) is the tendency to produce moiré. The apparently weak anti-aliasing filter helps to produce very sharp picture, but unfortunately with artifact. On the good side: metering is reasonably good, AF is fast and seems to be very accurate, at least with the not so fast kit lens. I had no problem focusing down to EV 4, even with left and right most AF points. Kit lens (DA 18-55mm) is very nice. Some CA but easily eliminated with ACR. Minimum focusing distance let you do some very interesting close up shots. At dusk, I played again with SR and go some very nice shots. Sure you can do better with a tripod, but who wants to carry a tripod around all the time? ;-) This one is 1/25s This one 1/3s And this one 1/4s. Yes, I like taking pictures of cattle... That's it for now. As usual, EXIF embedded in images. All images shot in raw, converted to DNG using Pentax Browser and processed with Adobe ACR and Photoshop. Thanks for stopping by.

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